Half a job Harry strikes again :-(

I am wondering if anyone can help me please?

I am a pure newbie that tried to run before I could walk anyways here goes.

I installed the bootmii and homebrew channel as instructed and everything was working great.
My USB loader was working and got some back up games to work from the HDD.

I then put in my lego indiana jones 2 game to back up and wnt through the usual channels and installed it on the hard drive.

When I went to run the game from the HDD it said ios 249 blocked (I think)

I now cannot use the wiimote at all with my SD card in. Any game disk I put in just says needs wii update.

The only way I can make the wiimote work again is by taking out the sd card and rebooting.

Is there a solution to this?

What doesn't help matters is I am not fully sure I understand what I am doing here which I appreciate will not help.

Please help