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Thread: Homebrew Channel v1.1.0 + Darkcorp v1.1

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    Homebrew Channel v1.1.0 + Darkcorp v1.1

    Warning: I am not suggesting anyone install Darkcorp. This is just something I noticed and a fix for it.

    I know there might be a few Darkcorp users still around. So I thought I would let you know how to fix what IOS Homebrew runs on.

    Apparently when you install the latest HBC it looks for a clean non trucha IOS58 first. But if you have Darkcorp installed you have a trucha bug IOS58, so it looks for IOS61 and runs on that instead. As we all know(or you do now), we want HBC running on IOS58.

    When you update to Homebrew v1.1.0 with Darkcorp installed, your Homebrew Channel will run on IOS61 instead of IOS58 like we want it to.

    So to fix this either:

    1. Before you update HBC install IOS58-64-6176.wad, then after updating HBC, run the darkcorp v1.1 installer.


    2. If you have already updated to HBC v1.1.0 and it is running on IOS61, install IOS58-64-6176.wad, then run hackmii installer v1.0 and install HBC again. Then run the darkcorp v1.1 installer again.

    IMPORTANT - DO NOT INSTALL DARKCORP, if you don't know what it is, if your Wii can't play backup discs, if you don't want all your IOS rewritten to custom.

    Most will tell you that darkcorp is bad and you should not use it. I have found it to be useful in Wii's that can not have bootmii installed as boot2. Or if you bricked and bootmii with boot2 was not working for some reason. If you were to brick your wii and were not able to access priiloader or bootmii, you would have to purchase a modchip to be able to restore your wii. But if you had cioscorp/darkcorp installed you could launch a recovery disc to restore your wii. So I see it as an extra brick protection.

    But for the noob user, it is possible it could destroy your Wii when installing. That is why most do not recommend it.

    Well I didn't mean for this to be a darkcorp guide or why or why not to use it, but it is what it is.

    If you are looking to remove and uninstall darkcorp, you can follow the softmod any wii guide in the spoiler below, and make sure NOT TO SKIP the IOS update. That guide will overwrite most of the trucha bug IOS that darkcorp installed.

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    I didn't know that mate. Nice one.


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