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Thread: WiiMC with newer wiimotes (question)

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    WiiMC with newer wiimotes (question)

    I was working on trying to recompile WiiMC with the newer DevKitPro, since it's supposed to have been updated to work with the new wiimotes.

    However, when I compile I get all the way through to where it tries to like the .elf file, then it fails as ld being able to find a few libraries that are listed in the makefile to be included.

    I followed all the directions on the site to build it. (did it through MinGW first then tried it on Ubuntu).

    Sorry to be vague, but I didnt save the exact error, I'd have to recompile again if anyone needs the specific error. But basically, it's just not finding the libraries, even though they look to be in the ported libs directory.

    I'm kinda at a loss.


    I finally got it worked out.

    Apparently, the ported libs that you have to get and use don't all work correctly under mingw. Libpng specifically. It creates a libpng.h that has a single line pointing to libpng15.h which contains the code. I deleted the redirect files and renamed the libpng15.h and libpng15.a files to just be libpng.h and libpng.a

    Sorry, I did all this pretty late last night. I forgot you also need to copy the files from the include/libpng15 folder directly into the include folder, as they're also just redirects.

    This seemed to fix all the errors I was having while compiling due to png.

    I've uploaded my zip to

    specifically this post

    Hopefully, it works right. It at least had a pointer/cursor when I checked it (before daughter wanted the TV). I'll look at it more later today. I just wanted to give an update, since this thread's had like 200 views in the last 12 hours... I'm guessing there may be other people out there looking for this as well.
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