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Thread: Replacement DVD Drive Question

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    Replacement DVD Drive Question

    Hi All

    I have a black Wii that has stopped reading discs.
    The disc spins a bit, clicks a bit and the screen then says "there is an error with the disc" etc etc.

    Ive stripped it down and cleaned it but it still wont play ball.

    The serial number is LEH500266746 and it isnt hacked in any way.

    Is there a specific drive i need to buy or will a drive from any type of Wii work?

    Thanks in advance


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    You can buy any wii dvd drive (more expencive) or just replace laser (cheaper - but u will have to do more handwork).
    When u are going to buy dvd drive try to find one which is able to play backups (or just buy bricked wii with valid serial number )

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    Thanks Beerfield, thats great.

    Is there a guide around here on replacing the laser? I dont mind a bit of work

    What do you mean by "valid serial number"

    Cheers in advance

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    Easiest way to check if Wii has dvd drive able to read backup dvd is to check serial number in this database.

    Here you have guide - Installing Nintendo Wii DVD Drive Lens.

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    Thats fantastic - thanks for your great help


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