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Thread: error 1208 . I read it forum posts abaut , try it most of it ,not working.

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    error 1208 . I read it forum posts abaut , try it most of it ,not working.


    I have this 4.3E WII console and mode it with this simple tutorial resulting in ''1208'' error on NeoGamma R9 BETA 47 :

    Step 1 - Installing Homebrew Channel and Bootmii

    a. On your wii's main menu, click the SD Menu icon. Afterwards, insert the SD Card into the Wii. A Pop up saying Load boot.dol/elf? should appear. Select Yes.

    b. The Hackmii Installer should now run. Make sure to install Homebrew Channel and Bootmii as an IOS and/or boot2. Always install it as boot2 if your wii can.

    Step 2 - Backup Your Wii's NAND

    It is highly recommended to make a NAND Backup with bootmii as it can save you from 99% of bricks. That is, if you can install bootmii as boot2. You'll need a SD Card with atleast 550 MB free on it. Also note bootmii can be picky about SD Cards so its best to avoid generic ones. The 2gb Sandisk MicroSD with an Adapter is recommended.

    a) Place the SD Card into your wii and power it on. If bootmii was installed as boot2, the bootmii screen should automatically appear, if it was installed as an IOS, then you'll have to go to homebrew channel, press 'home' on your wiimote then select 'Load Bootmii'

    b) Navigate using the power/reset/eject buttons on the front of your console and select the icon with the gears on it. If the console buttons don't work, you'll have to use a gamecube controller.

    c) Now select the icon that has an arrow pointing to a SD Card but from the chip. Then follow the on-screen instructions to backup your NAND.

    d) In 10 - 15 minutes, the NAND Backup should be complete. You may have gotten a few bad blocks but any number of bad blocks under 80 is normal and fine. Once all is done, you can exit bootmii.

    e) Remove the SD Card from your wii and insert into your PC, backup the 'bootmii' folder, the 'NAND.bin' file and 'key.bin' file from your sd card onto a safe place on your PC. Once these files/folders are on your PC, delete them from your SD Card. If you do not and bootmii as boot2 is installed, it will load everytime!

    If you were to ever brick, just copy the bootmii folder and 'NAND.bin' from your PC onto the root of your SD Card. Then repeat parts a, b & c but this time selecting the icon that points to the chip. While bootmii/boot2 can save you from full bricks, bootmii/IOS cannot! It is not recommended to use bootmii as an IOS to restore your NAND!

    Step 3 - Restoring The Bug Into IOS36
    a) Load and Homebrew Channel and run MMM.
    b) Choose "Install and Patch iOS36"
    c) Select "Express Mode"
    d) Done. Press Any Button to Continue.

    Step 4 - Installing Priiloader (Brick Protection and System Hacks)
    a) Load Homebrew Channel and run Priiloader v0.6 installer.

    b) Press + on the wiimote to install.

    c) Your wii should reboot into Priiloader after the installation (If it doesn't, power off your Wii and hold reset on the console while turning it on). Go to System Menu Hacks and enable 'Block Disc Updates' and any other hacks you would like, select 'Save Settings' when finish. Press B on the wiimote to go back to the main menu, next go to Settings and use the d-pad to set Autoboot: System Menu. Then select Save Settings. Press B to go back to the main menu. If you get any problems, look here

    d) In the main menu, select homebrew channel to load the homebrew channel and proceed with Step 5.

    Step 5 - Installing cIOS and Channels
    a) Launch Homebrew Channel and Load MMM.
    b) Go to "Load another IOS" Select IOS236 and Press A
    c) Select "WAD Manager"
    d) Press '1' on the WiiMote then 'A'.
    e) This will install all cIOS and WADs.
    f) Do NOT power the Wii during installation, ensure this finishes with no errors.

    Once done, you'll have all the necessary cIOS and Backup Launchers.


    I have ios36 loaded and still not working same error.
    strange thing is that people say here that its abaut dvd but I have another moded wii console which is 4.3e version and works well with all those dvd's. all my dvd with games are verbatim dvd-r. none of all my 20 games that work on other console is not working on new moded console .

    Anyone can help me to solve this problem ?

    thank you
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    I re-hack it my wii using modmii ModMii for Windows . all works very easy no errors with modding. But when I try my dvd- collection I get the same result. Maybe I should buy new dvd Verbatim dvdr-r and writte it 2x speed. I come back with result.

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    I also tryied with Verbatim DVD-R , writting speed 2X . Same result. Different games ,same thing. games were download it from and work well on other consoles. I never thought I could have such a problem with this one..

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    I also tryied with Verbatim DVD-R , writting speed 2X . Same result. Different games ,same thing. games were download it from and work well on other consoles. I never thought I could have such a problem with this one..

    ps. Original games start very well from NeoGamma .

    it maybe the DVD Unit inside the WII with some form of new protection against modding ?

    sorry for double posting ,the page were froozen and resend.
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    Did you check the Error index?

    DVD Read Error:Bad burn use a better quality disc(Verbatim DVD-R) burn at 2x or 4x using imgburn.Could be a bad iso dump.
    You can enter your serial # into the Wii Drive Chip Database to see what drive you have.


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