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Thread: Hi all! Starter here and in need of assistance

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    Hi all! Starter here and in need of assistance

    Hi all!

    Two days ago I bought myself a black Wii. As enthousiast as I was I started watching youtube (mistake1) videos and decided to hack the Wii. I love using my HDD as storage for backups as my original game DVD's won't get scratched badly. Having kids playing on the Wii won't do any good to those discs..

    So after watching several youtube videos I kinda followed them (link) on hacking my Wii. I wish I would have found this site sooner though, I kinda got the feeling I didn't completed hacking my Wii device yet. The last thing I tried to accomplish was to get the USB Loader on the main menu (as a channel) so I wouldn't have to load it trough the The Homebrew Channel (makes it easier for my girlfriend and the kids), or maybe even better.. get the USB Loader started automatically after booting my Wii.

    Things that work fine:
    • Play games using USB Loader GX Version 2.3 r1123 (but I have to start it in The Homebrew Channel)
    • Get my system status using sysCheck version 2.1.0.b17
    • Priiloader
    Things I would like to accomplish with help from this community:
    • Being able to play games straight from the main menu. Either by original game link channels or the USB Loader on the main menu. At the moment my Configurable USB Loader won't start due to a 'Custom IOS 248 could not be found' error.
    • Being sure that my Wii is hacked correctly
    In general these were my steps:
    1) install The Homebrew Channel, BootMii
    2) create a backup of my NAND and verify it
    3) Install a bunch of iOS/cIOS-es
    4) Install USB Loader GX
    5) Wondering around not knowing what to do next.. Until I found this community.

    Results after performing a sysCheck:


    Could somebody please tell me if these results are okay(ish), and how I can improve my hacked Wii? I really admit I kinda rushed (another mistake) into hacking way to fast, those videos on youtube seemed really really easy to follow. Apparently they weren't easy enough for me. I also noticed the warnings about following youtube videos too late. If I need to provide more information, please tell me.

    Thanks in advance. I will be around pretty often, this seems like a very informative and noob friendly community!

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    There are a lot of views to this topic, yet there are no replies in here.. Is there nobody who could help me out? If I need to post my problem somewhere else, please tell me. I will do anything to get my Wii working fully.

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    This is the introduce youself section of the forum you should post questions in Wiihacks Newbie Discussions Forum, but don't double post. Maybe a Mod could move it for you?

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    I moved my butt to the mIRC channel and got some great help from the people there. The problems in this topic have been solved!

    So from now on my Wii is modded just fine with use of the 'How to mod ANY Wii guide'. Thanks! I'll stay in touch though, I will keep myself up to date with Wii modding


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