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Thread: HBC and Wiiflow channels missing

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    Unhappy HBC and Wiiflow channels missing

    Hi there,

    First off my deepest apologies if this already exist, I've search the internet and this forum for a solution to solve my problem but nothing that I read was available nor pertinent enough.

    Let me explain; my son messed up his Wii which was up to date soft modded with the Mauifrogs guide (did latest update for HBC)

    It all started with Wiiflow not recognizing the HDD while giving this error message : WBFS_Open failed:-1

    As busy as I am I decided to come back on the matter later, but in the meantime my 7 years old try to solve it by himself.
    Result : no more home brew and Wiiflow channel. I tried to reinstall HBC with the Hackmii installer but without success.

    The Wii is brand new from Xmas used to be a 4.3E version before soft mod but now it says 4.1E.
    I know that in order to have HBC I should install Hackmii, I've tried the Bannerbomb v1 method for system 3.0 - 4.1 and the 4.3 Letterbomb but no success. I've read topics for many hours now without finding any answers related to my problem.

    I read that providing a system check could help so I looked on how to get it and unfortunately it appears that I need HBC to retrieve it, so right now I'm stuck and really don't know what to do.

    Should I just go back to the store and purchase another Wii or do I have a chance to fix it ??

    Can somebody please help me ??

    Thx everyone.

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    have you installed priiloader?
    if yes it would be easy to run HBC and all other stuff

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    yes it's installed.
    what should I do next to get those channels back

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    What about the black backup hombrew channel, that is installed in the guide? Did u move it all the way to the right, like I always do?

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    yes I did, brilliant I totally forgot about it but will I be able to reinstall these channels/forwarders ?
    one more thing I don't know how he manage to do it but I have no more files left on the SD card
    Should I go over mauifrogs guide again from the start ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by dnate View Post
    Should I go over mauifrogs guide again from the start ??
    Yes. That would be good. Remember, you'll need a 1 or 2 gig sd card (no bigger) formatted to fat32. You can use the "HBC Already Installed" option with your black hbc channel.

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