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Thread: reflash wii bluetooth module

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    reflash wii bluetooth module

    any tutorials on how to reflash wii bluetooth module using a pic programmer. I got a bunch of not functioning (wii is blackscreen) wii bt module and I want to reflash them. I've read here somewhere of a successful reflashing of bt module using a homemade pic programmer.

    What's causing the bt module to be corrupted? I got this wii that I changed module 2x already with in two months period.

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    Quote Originally Posted by playerkp420 View Post
    Never thought of trying that, since they are only like $4.

    But after I asked my good friend Google, I found this interesting article.
    Well I got 10 bad bt module and counting. I also buy from ebay which are maybe reflashed anyway. It would be good to reflash and recycle them than threw them away, good for the environment. I can't find anymore the post about it here... it was a post by a guy living in the phil and Bad_Ad84. It seems Bad_Ad84 can do it too...

    let me just post the things I've searched so far
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    Looks like your getting close to figuring it out. Just need to find the firmware to flash to the module.


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