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Thread: New to this whole thing and have a few questions

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    New to this whole thing and have a few questions

    Hey, there. First and foremost, I apologize if most of my questions have derp answers... I'm still new to this whole modding scene. But I'm hoping its like the DS and PSP I've modded before this and once I know where what goes, why it goes there and whatnot, it'll be old hat, lol. And, just maybe, I can help someone in the future that's in my current state.

    Anywho, I just have a handful of questions, now that I've got the Homebrew Channel installed, as well as a few other things.

    I recently got NES GX and SNES GX emulators installed and, with a little fiddling around, managed to get their channel forwarders working. I am, however, having trouble with WiiFlow's channel forwarder. Can anyone recommend a good installer with step-by-step instructions?

    What the devil is a WAD? Here's one of those derp questions, I'm guessing... lol. But if anyone could explain this to me in layman's terms, that'd be great.

    Is it possible to apply themes to the Wii's main menu? I heard you could, but what I don't know is if these themes are only applied to the Homebrew Channel, or if they can, in fact, be applied to the main menu.

    I have the version of Wii64 entitled Beta 1.1 "Honey". Is that the latest version? I was hoping to get to play some of my favorites again, like Jet Force Gemini and Donkey Kong 64, and wondered if I had the latest version of the emulator... again hoping it'd work. Also, how well do GBA, Genesis and DS emulators run? Are they worth the time and space devoted to them? Even though I have back-ups of my collection on my DS Lite, I always thought it'd be neat to play some games on the Wii.

    Other than that, if anybody has any helpful hints to share with someone starting out, please do. As well as any must have, possibly overlooked by a newbie starting out, additions for a softmodded Wii console. And, finally, thanks in advance!

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    Stop by the introduce yourself section and post a hello. You will be greeted with a lot of info that may answer most of your questions.


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