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Thread: Call of Duty: MW3 issues with CFG USB Loader...

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    Call of Duty: MW3 issues with CFG USB Loader...

    Hello everyone. I recently figured out how to successfully mod my Wii through the excellent manuals on this site but am having issues with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It was installed from a retail disc (using CFG USB Loader v70) onto my Fat32 external USB hard drive but is just freezing up before game starts. I haven't had any issues with all the other games I've been extracting. I think the issue is that the game is too large (over 4gb) to be read by my Fat32 drive because it is broken up into two parts, a wbf1 and wbfs file, unlike my other extracted games which only have a wbfs file. Do I have to format my drive to NTFS in order to read it? I'd rather not have to do this, so I was just wondering if anyone knows of a possible way that I can get this to play on my Fat32 drive with CFG Loader? I tried messing with the game files with Wii Download Manager on my PC (w/NTFS drive) by converting it to ISO and back to wbfs, but it still split the file again into a wbf1 and wbfs file. Thanks.

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    Please search for the call of duty mw3 guide.


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