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Thread: Why wont certain games work anymore?

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    Unhappy Why wont certain games work anymore?

    Around late November, I got into this Softmodding thing. I installed all of my games onto my wbfs drive, but some of them didnt work. Namely
    Black ops, MW3, Goldeneye and Monster Hunter Tri. I tried practically every trick in the book, and I still couldn't even get to the main menu. Into the first week to December however, they magically decided work. They've been absolutely fine until a couple days ago. I tried everything ALL OVER again, but still they dont work. On a side note, Goldeneye asks me for an update when I use the disk, if that tells you anything, havent tried the others.

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    If you follow the softmod any wii guide, your wii will be correctly softmodded. I know you didn't use a guide from here, because your games would not ask for updates.

    Then load Black ops and MW3 with cIOS250. Then I think the other games will work with the default 249. And you will have much needed brick protection and update blocking.


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