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Thread: 3.3u Wii - Softmod directly or update to newer SM first?

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    3.3u Wii - Softmod directly or update to newer SM first?

    The "Softmod ANY Wii" guide seems to recommend updating any Wii's on SM 1.0 through 3.4 directly to 4.3 from Nintendo. Since no reason was given for this, I want to check that this is in fact the best way to accomplish a softmod when starting with a virgin 3.3u Wii. SM 4.1 seems to be the current best recommended, but I'm unsure if its possible to update from 3.4u to 4.1u (rather than 4.3u which I'd get from Nintendo) without an already softmodded Wii.

    So...should I take the 4.3 update from Nintendo before I start softmodding, should I simply softmod while on 3.3, or something else (like update to 4.1 somehow)?

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    Lower system menu's like that usually have trouble finding your sd card. I recently did a wii on 3.1 and it wouldn't find my sd card. I updated to 3.4 with a game, then bannerbomb v1 worked perfectly. Updating to 4.3 would be a good idea and then use letterbomb method. Or you could update to 4.1 via disc, like NSMB has 4.1 update. Either way should work.


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