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Thread: Softmodded 4.2 Wii - 'an error has occured' playing backups - need help

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    Softmodded 4.2 Wii - 'an error has occured' playing backups - need help


    A while back I used ShadowSonic2's guide to softmod my pal 4.2 Wii and have been using it to play backups from my 16GB HP USB stick with wiiflow and have not had any problems. I am now trying to play Xenoblade and The Last Story backups from the stick and with each I get the same black screen and error straight after I load the game:

    "An error has occurred. Press the Eject Button and remove the disc, then turn the Wii console off and refer to the Wii operations Manual for help troubleshooting."

    Can anyone shed any light on this? I was thinking of redoing the softmod using mauifrog's guide but thought I'd ask here first in case there was a simpler solution like updating ios or something.
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    I get this same error with New Super Mario Bros... can anyone help?

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    You most likely need to update your softmod with mauifrog's softmod any wii guide. Link is in the spoiler below.


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