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Thread: Mighty Channels shows all my games but crashes when i launch a game

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    Question Mighty Channels shows all my games but crashes when i launch a game

    System version = 4.3U
    Softmod using mauifrogs guide

    Nand dump using Simple FS dumper - Minimal dump
    Wads added using ShowMiiWads
    nand files extracted to the root of my sd

    Basically i followed the guide for nand emulation for wiiware games that is on this site.
    im pretty positive i did everything right
    when i loaded mighty channels it seemed to work, i had it load from sd and it showed all my games.
    i downloaded covers for them via mighty channels and that also worked.

    when i click on a game it plays the music for it and seems to work. when i click it again to launch the game it shows some black code at the bottom right of the screen and then the tv screen goes black and the wiimote is no longer connected so i have to go hold the power button on my wii.

    that is about all i know, i dont see what could be going wrong

    ps all of my wiiware games are USA and i've tried multiple games, none seem to work. O.o Any suggestions?

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    tons of views and no replys =[
    i was really hoping to get this resolved.

    off i go back to trying random things to try and get it to work >_<

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    Maybe try the latest Wiiflow. I think you can still use the same extracted nand. Or make another one.

    I know the mighty channels guide is getting old, and a lot of the usb loaders are taking over.


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