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Thread: Backup launcher which supports in-game, game cube controller

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    Backup launcher which supports in-game, game cube controller

    I have not used wii for a while (3-4months?) and now i played fifa on my friend's ps3 so now i have developed a huge amount of interest in playing fifa on wii with my brother...though i don't have money to buy a new controller for wii (don't want to spend money on wii :/) but i have a game cube controller lying around.

    I wanted to ask whether there's a good backup launcher which can run backup through disc and also gives in game support for game cube controller because my current neogamma doesn't support game cube controller though the controller works just fine in homebrew channel. Game is fifa 09 all play (it does support game cube controller)..can it be an issue of certain cIOS or IOS?

    any suggestions would be pretty appreciated !

    thanks in advance
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    You could give ULoader a try. Not saying for sure if it will work or not. Its the first one that comes to mind. All you can do is try.

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