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Thread: Black Screen on Wiiflow

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    Black Screen on Wiiflow

    Hello, after modding a 4.1C wii and changing the region to 4.1U and loading wiiflow which all went perfectly fine. The game goes to a black screen after the short "please wait.." pause. I have read numerous threads and guides which all pointed to update your CIOS and something things along that line, I still haven't been able to boot a single game. I plugged the hard drive into a different wii with wiiflow and the game booted up perfectly.
    So is there a way to fix the black screen?


    P.S. The region modded wii can play NTSC games bought from the store like SSBB and Mario Party 8. But backed up wii games aren't playable.

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    Take a look here. It might give you an idea of what causes blackscreens, and what might be different between the two wii's.

    Also use this version of syscheck and repost it, so I can see the bases of your cIOS.

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    I actually switched to usb loader gx and that worked perfectly fine. But I do have another question, after exiting usb loader gx or a game booted up from there to system menu - I receive the black screen. Is there a way to fix that? Or is that just part of the code and I should do a hard reset every time I want to switch games.

    Should I still post an updated system check?

    EDIT: Posting a system check anyways


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