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Thread: 3 TB Hard Drive On Wii?

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    3 TB Hard Drive On Wii?

    just wondering if anyone has figured out a way to get a full 3 tb drive to work in ntfs format yet, ive seen its working in wbfs format but as said havent seen for sure on the ntfs side, been reading around but havent seen a for sure answer one way or the other on this.


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    *bump* 162 views no replies?

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    Have you tried it yet? I dont see why it wouldn't work.

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    general consensus has been that it hasnt been working for anyone thats why I was asking, have only seen it working in wbfs format for everyone which people were complaining about taking up to much space compare to the ntfs setup

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    If you have one, then you could try it with the fat32 guide, and let us know how it works. Link to the guide is in the spoiler below.

    EDIT - Or I mean the ntfs guide, you can search for that.


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