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Thread: I am thinking about getting a computer game system. Should I get the Wii ...

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    I am thinking about getting a computer game system. Should I get the Wii ... 360 or PS3? I play world domination games on the pc like Civ and play madden as well. I usually only play about once every 2 weeks or so. So I am not looking for super complicated just something to relax after a long day. My home computer is old and can handle the video cards requirement for the newer games. So that is why I am looking for a new game system

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    Get a Wii.

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    If you want cheaper fun get a wii, if you want good graphics and a cheaper pice get a xbox 360, but if you want a expensive top-of-the-line grapics and blu-ray get a PS3

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    wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii all the way

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    Wii definetely!!!

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    it depends on your play style,

    Wii is more interactive with control style

    360 and PS3 are normal control style,

    if graphics are the most important, PS3 then 360 then Wii

    if money is a problem Wii then 360 then PS3

    In my personal opinion the Xbox live is the best experience out there for online play community out there, i dont know much about PS3 and Wii online play though

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    There is no comparing a computer to a game console. They are not the same animal. Consoles are good for shooters and sports games, but I'll be damned if I have ever enjoyed a good, deep strategy game (like Civ) on one. If you like relatively superficial, but entertaining game experience that is more casual than anything, go for a console...but if you are looking for something deeper than blowing away aliens, stick to a computer! Hell, you can even find most console games on computer, and most of those have better graphics than anything you'll find on a console.

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    gotta be a ps3 man


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