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Thread: want to use hdd only (no SD)

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    want to use hdd only (no SD)

    I have recently used the softmod any wii guide, and everything is working, however I would like to remove the SD card, and use only the hdd. I have seen several posts about people doing this so I think it's possible.

    Currently I have an SD card in, and backup games on usb hdd (ntfs partition) and all is working.

    I have added a Fat32 partition to the usb hdd and made a copy of the SD contents to this partition and even marked it as active.

    Now when I remove the SD and turn on the wii, wiiflow (set to autoboot in priiloader) says there is no usb partition and no SD found. But put the SD card back in and turn on the wii and everything comes back fine.

    I am assuming there is a setting that currently only looks to SD for a file, but where and what needs to be changed?

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    Press 1 on your wii remote when in the homebrew channel.

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    I was super excited that it might be that easy. pressed 1 and made the change to usb, restarted the wii but it still starts to load wiiflow and then says no usb partitions found and no SD card.

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    Based on another post, different problem. they had success deleting the wiiflow.ini (configuration settings)

    even though I had looked at the settings of this file in notepad and couldn't see the issue, I deleted/moved it. then restarted the wii and all problems solved. no more need for SD card.

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    As an FYI, the problem was in the line data_on_usb=no in the wiiflow.ini. Changing it to yes would also have fixed the issue.

    Glad you got it sorted.

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