hi everyone i'm new here but i would like to say thanks to you all for the great tutorials they have helped alot. now to the main subject well two days ago i got the idea of installing the wiisx emu on my wii everything went by fine but there is one problem every time i try to use my 16gig datastick pro made by centon it gives me the error opening directory problem i went and looked around the forums and i saw others had the same usb problem but with different storage media so i went and did all the fixes that they have tried and none worked i even thought that i didnt have ios58 installed but it seems that i do, i also noticed that when i connect my usb stick to any of the usb ports on the wii the light on the usb stick doesnt come on, i tried connecting another usb stick with less memory on it and for this one the light does come on could the problem be on the 16gig stick or the wii?