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Thread: The Last Story Not Working with CFG

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    The Last Story Not Working with CFG

    So I've had a problem with the PAL version of the Last Story on CFG. It loads fine and gets to the menu correctly, but when I hit new game it goes to the loading screen then it says that an error has occured and tells me to reset the game and try again. I know it's not a problem with the ISO because I can get past this problem on Dolphin.

    Trying to run this off an SD card btw since it's the only option I have. I have had no problems running Xenoblade of the SD card afterall. Halp!

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    One thing I did to get past a few initial problems was to set "Force NTSC" under the CFG settings for the game.

    I have progressed into the game a few chapters, but at one sequence I experience the same black screen with "An error has occurred. Press eject and...".

    Can anyone provide a more thorough explanation and solution to this problem? Searching Wiihacks states it's a laser issue, but that is a null point here as he's on SD and I'm on HDD.

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    I'm playing on a USB with cfg and getting the same error message! Mine usually appears when I speak to select npcs. Once it happened while I was roaming around town, but that was before I set "Force NTSC".

    Probably also worth noting that I'm playing the undub. Since we're all having this issue could it just be cfg?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaviKaze View Post
    Mine usually appears when I speak to select npcs. Once it happened while I was roaming around town
    I'm using WiiFlow and I had the same problem, but AFTER I set "force ntsc" in video settings.
    It happens every time I talk to the lady without ingredients near the Arena and when I enter a plaza south of the tavern.

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    strange i haven't had any problem with. running from cfg loader v70 with 249 from usb hdd. cant think what your doing wrong. are you all playing on an ntsc console? whats it play like with the default settings?
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