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Thread: The Last Story PAL problem on Hardmoded PAL Wii, Wiikey

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    The Last Story PAL problem on Hardmoded PAL Wii, Wiikey

    I have Hardmoded PAL region Wii and i have Wiikey inside. Ive been playing all games till now without problems ( except new mario bross which eventualy start working after some patches. But this game doesnt work. I have latest softvare version on my Wii and also latest firmware for my WiiKey. ive burned game on Verbatim DL dvd with Clone CD. Can someone help me? how to get this working? when i put game inside my Wii, it just freezes and the disc is rotating when i go inside Disc Channel and i have to plug out the cable.

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    I've Softmoded my Wii, and now its ok, i can play the game. The only problem is, the game freezes after i load it from a save file after few seconds. Im using usb loader GX, everything works fine when im starting the game, then i save it and when im trying to continue, it loads, playing few secunds and then freezes. i cant use my remote anymore and i need to hold power button 5 sec to turn the Wii off. What seems to be the problem? With other cfg usb loader v70 its works fine.

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