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Thread: So confused

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    So confused

    I'm so confused about all mods, about all software you get on you Wii its just idk what to do. I spend 2~3days searching on google, but without real answer, found this forum, searched a bit and from all guides -> overload on my brains.

    Problem is i have my Wii on 4.2e, WiiKey (hardware mod) and Multi-Mod Manager (software mod). Now i downloaded Xenoblade Chronicles (have to check game if its really that awesome before buying it) and well it doesn't start game. I've searched so many pages and without proper information what to do. I'm trying to set up wireless connection at my home, so i can update IOS with MMM (is this ok?) or what do i need to do? Problem is, my English is not that great, using mostly google translate. Anyway, would be thankful if some1 can direct me on some pages here, how to update IOS.

    What is difference between Usb Loader (by Hermes) and Usb Loader GX? I don't get it... Well anyhow, if i violated any rule with this topic, I'm sorry, but my brains are nearly dead of this random information I'm reading lately.

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    The first and foremost rule you violated was downloading the game and not owning it. WiiHacks does not support piracy.

    Thread Closed.


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