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Thread: A little help please :O

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    A little help please :O

    Hey guys, my first post here and hey...

    Now ive softmodded my wii on 4.0e. And every thing is working and im playing back ups ussing usb loader GX, Now im wondering..

    What happens if i connect it to my internet. Can i use the store? If i got a 'COD' would i be able to play online?
    Can i not run certain games because im running 4.0e not the latest? Any get-arounds...


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    Firstly, you can play game online - nothing will happen.

    Some games (original discs) may ask you to update your system menu. Don't do this and you will be fine.

    Those games require system updates to play, but you actually don't have to update your system! A handy thing called a cIOS is all you need to play the game - you install it and your game will work.

    You should post in the "introduce yourself" section as you will get plenty of info and links to guides.

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    You both would do well to read THIS. It will explain some things that it appears you both are a little confused about.


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