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Thread: I need advice on installing and using NAND emulation.

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    Question I need advice on installing and using NAND emulation.

    Hi, after owning a Wii for about 4 years i finally managed to convince the wife to let me softmod the family Wii after i read about the letterbomb hack last week.(If i mess things up i am in deep doo-doo as me,my wife and my son all use the Wii regularly)

    So after backing up the NAND and Key i set about installing a USB loader, WAD manager and NeoGamma for my GC backups plus a couple of other apps and everything has went well so far.

    Now after realising just how inadeqate the on-board memory is on the Wii and not being able to install as many WAD's simultaneously as i would like i have been taking a look at NAND emulation to fix this.

    Can someone please take me through the best way to install and use NAND emulation and explain how it works and what it's limitations are.

    I bought a 250GB external drive yesterday for my Wii backups and i was intending on primarily formatting it in ntfs with maybe a small fat32 partition for some apps. Can i put an emulated NAND memory on this and can i make it any size i want or does it have to be 512MB? can i have several emulated NANDS on this external hard drive?

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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    I recommend ~25gb FAT32 partition (marked as active) followed by the remainder of space as NTFS; both should be formatted as 32-byte clusters. The NAND backup goes on the FAT partition; read more here.
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