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Thread: Help in loading Wiiware games

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    Help in loading Wiiware games


    I have Wii 3.3E with homebrew, WAD manager 1.4, NeogammaR8RC4, ciosX_rev18 installer and ios 249.
    after i'm install PAL Wiiware game through wad manager.
    After that, the game show on te meu screen but when i click it, the start window show and then come back to the menu screen

    I need to install something else? or again?


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    Try deleting the contents of your "cache" folder under WiiFlow; that's what fixed it for me. From what I gather, WiiFlow doesn't update/refresh its cache when it loads.
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    but i dont install wii Flow

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    I would suggest you update your softmod with the softmod any Wii guide(link in spoiler below)

    You are most likely missing the ios the game needs to load.


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