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Thread: Metroid Issues

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    Metroid Issues

    I followed the existing guides and tutorials in this forum. I've heard that the alt dol method for metroid prime trilogy is outdated. I installed d2x v7 final on both 249 and 250 and still cannot get it to work. I've set block reload iOS to on and when I try to play metroid prime trilogy it returns me to the system menu. I own the PAL version of this game but had my friend send me a back up of his NTSC version. thats the one I'm currently trying to load. I also have the same issue with Metroid Other M, both are my friends back ups of PAL games I own. (my wii is NTSC i got a good deal on the games thinking they were NTSC only to find out they were PAL when I got them in the mail.)

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    Have you looked HERE?

    It could be bad backups as well. You can use your pal discs since you are usb loading those and follow the guides.

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    It says the link is invalid I will try to install the PAL version of MPT and see if it works.

    edit: I looked at the URL bar and yes I have tried to use that guide to get MPT to work but it won't let me boot any alt dol it returns me to the system menu.

    edit: I guess it was my back up, I am using a mac and used Backup Fusion to split the wbfs file.
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