Hi, So last week I softmodded my wii 4.3u using the "Softmod any wii" tutorial. all went perfect. started using wiiflow and making backups for my games, for games that the disks were ruined i got disks from friends of the same game and made a copy that way.

ok so, after the new super mario bros wii, was installed it created a new seperate save file on the wii nand, so I cant see any of my old files. then I installed the new mario the next levels (hope saying that doesnt break a rule) and it decided to use the original save file.

is there a way to rearrange them so there in the correct places? I have seen the wiibrew savegame manager program, but theres not a lot of info on it and want to make sure its the right way to go at it, before i just start installing things.