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Thread: Need a UK nand formater

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    Need a UK nand formater

    This one is for Bad_Ad84

    Hi I have a wii that is full brick

    Serial NO LEH187040981

    a friend gave it to me off ebay I have no idea what has been done to it ?

    what I would like to know is can you fix this wii and if so can you give me a price



    I have tried to get in to the savemii but its just a blank screen

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    Can you get to Priiloader by holding down the RESET button while turning it on & releasing it after Priiloader appears? What version is it? On which is BootMii installed: IOS or boot2? Do you have an SD card?
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    Yes, that is repairable if its fully bricked.

    PM me if you need assistance.


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