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Thread: [Advice]WiiSX - Wii64 - Forwarder + USB Support?

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    [Advice]WiiSX - Wii64 - Forwarder + USB Support?

    Hey guys, I just backed up PLENTY of my Final Fantasies into Bin/Cue, then into ISO. What im looking for is Wii64 and WiiSX Dol's that have HDD support And a forwarder i can use for them.

    After much trolling on the internet i have found Multiple forwarders, Multiple DOL's, Each promising the same outcome. And NEITHER providing that said outcome.
    Which are you guys using? , As i have read here seems to be a great fix. But im am absolutely moronic when it comes to making my own channel.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    My HDD is set @ 250gb Fat32, 750gb NTFS

    I have my APPS folder on my Fat32, Along with relevant 'roms' folders on there. As we all know they need to be on Fat32 so ive dedicated my Fat32 Partition to emulation and Apps.
    I have downloaded the original WiiSX And 64 compiles, But there HDD support isnt the greatest. Also i cant find a forwarder for those either.

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    check out my post, it should sort you out.

    good luck.


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