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    Need Help

    I sold my Wii with hacks but the guy that bought it wants me to take it back to the original state. i dont know how it has priloader installed on it...he said as long as i remove all the softmod and he can play the games from the disc channel it would be fine...can someone please help me and run me in the right direction. or i am screwed...


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    Has he tried playing games from the disc channel? If not, I suggest he give it a shot. Also, deleting the hack channels is easy if you just go into the Wii's settings & remove them.
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    no i sold it on ebay and he wants the soft mod removed before i ship it....he said as long as the games run from the disc channel that would be fine....

    so i wanna take it back to original manufacturer settings...can i do that?

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    You cannot take it back to original settings, in that Nintendo can easily tell that it was softmodded. There is a guide to remove softmods. Start there.


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