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Thread: Sims 2 for nintendo DS?

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    Sims 2 for nintendo DS?

    I have sims 2 for the nintendo DS, I am quite far into the game and now my Sim is walking really slowly like after an alien abduction. It has been like this for nearly two days, has anyone else had this problem and if they have how did you fix it? When I start a new game that Sim walks normally.


    I have just completed the last task and it is still the same, Also when I go to enter the pockets option the whole game freezes. Will it be like this all the time because if it is I'd rather start another game from the begginning

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    You just have to solve the next "quest" or whatever and then they'll get back to normal.

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    yea i have what i did was take out the water gun and use it. it starts running aster. ANd get some sleep and shower and it will get back to nrmal

    well i dk cause whenever i got abducted by aliens, i just went to sleep for a while and then took a hower. My game froze too but never when i opened the game pockets. So yea if nothing works then my advice would be to start a new game


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