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Thread: cant get ALL of my wii apps and other stuff to work in my external hard drive...

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    cant get Homebrew Browser to work in my external hard drive...

    HUGE EDIT: okay i said earlier i couldn't get all my wii homebrew to work from my hard drive, but i fixed almost all of them, im still stuck with getting homebrew browser to work there...can someone help me out? and yes i updated it this time, but it freezes the wii everytime it finishes parsing the list and shows a weird screen
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    Did you try completely deleting all traces of the old version before installing the new?

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    Are you trying to load homebrew browser from homebrew or a channel? If the latter, you need to delete your old channel and use a forwarder channel that specifically looks to the USB drive, not SD. Google it and if you can't find it, let us know.

    But first, try loading the homebrew browser from homebrew. If it works, great: follow the advice above. If not, something's wrong with your hard drive. Is it formatted FAT32 or NTFS? 32-byte blocks or not? Dual-partition? Are all the proper files for homebrew browser in the apps & root of the USB drive?

    If something's amiss, fix that first and try reloading from homebrew. If it now works, then try your existing channel. If that doesn't work, replace the channel as mentioned above.
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