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Thread: Looking to buy a Wii

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    Looking to buy a Wii

    Is the one on Newegg ok for doing all sorts of homebrewing and everything else?
    Is there any reason why I should not buy this wii - Nintendo Wii Bundle Black over the new one Wii Bundle with New Super Mario Bros. Wii and a Mario Music CD - Black for Nintendo Wii | GameStop

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    That wii will be just fine for soft-modding and all your homebrew.
    the only downfall to a newer wii like these ones is that it will not be able to read games burnt to dvd-r instead you will have to use a usb hard drive and a usb loader like wiiflow / usb loader gx / configurable usb loader.
    but that is really no issue because there are many many benefits to using usb loaders and they are my personal favorite.

    so buy either one, they will both work great. Personally i would buy the one from newegg because i like mario kart ^_^

    I hope this helped.

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    so as of now there is no method of playing any gamecube games on the new wii (the gamestop linked one) is that correct?

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    Save yourself some dough & headaches: buy used on eBay for half the price and twice the compatibility! I spent $125 for a fully-working system, balance board, 2x Wiimotes & nunchucks & 3 games, and that was shipped!

    Parts are cheap too via eBay (from China) if you ever need them: $15 Wiimote with built-in Motion+, $7 AC adapter, $4 nunchuck or DVD motor/laser, $3 sensor bar or video cable (regular or HD), and on and on... all including shipping.

    Why spend more?!?
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