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Thread: Deleted all data off SD card and more issues

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    Deleted all data off SD card and more issues

    I soft-modded my wii two years back or so, probably more. Anyway being a dumb me I deleted all my stuff on my SD card to start fresh. I modded it using the Smash Stack technique, it was on 4.2. I am trying start SSBB modding again, but all my stuff was gone, and it was very messy from back then. I used a file restorer which restored them with many screw ups (# replacing the first letter on most files, corrupting some txt files...) so I decided "I'm gonna start fresh". My wii already has Priiloader, Homebrew Channel, Riivolution and some other stuff. I really want to use Riivolution to mod because I could just turn certain textures off and on when I want to. However since Riivolution almost never works with SSBB, I really just want to start my wii to a factory reset (with my old stuff, just not the homebrew stuff) and do it all again. Is this possible? It gives me a headache

    TL;DR I need to get Riivolution to work with SSBB. I deleted all the stuff on my homebrew sd card and the homebrew is still on my wii, and I almost want to factory reset my wii just to start over.

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    Sorry for the bump, but this is a problem that if I don't fix, im screwed

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