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Thread: Wii iso to .wbfs help please !!!!!

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    Wii iso to .wbfs help please !!!!!

    i have a 1tb hard drive with all my wii games

    i am thinking of converting them all to .wbfs files with wii back up manager to create more room

    question 1

    if i do that i can always covert back to .iso (to burn to a disc for a burnt games) correct ?


    if i convert back to .iso will it be original .iso i remember back in the day there was something about wii that had like 4.3 firmware that wouldnt play truncate .iso or .iso that were brick blocked or anything . is that true (or does something know what i mean ) ?

    if that is true when converting .wbfs back to .iso will it be a 1:1 copy .iso again or will have it be altered (truncate) meaning i couldt play that burnt game on a 4.3 wii ??

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    1. Yes you can convert back to .iso format.
    2. Converting to .wbfs removes the update partition, therefore it will not be a true 1:1 image when you convert it back (no big loss in IMO)

    4.1 is the best system menu to be on if you are going to play from backup disc, but why would you want to do that since you already usb load?


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