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Thread: Wiiflow issue

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    Wiiflow issue

    I'm having an issue with Wiiflow. I've installed it and am able to run it on my homebrew channel, but everytime I run it it gets stuck at this image of a highlighted portion of the wii (the outermost USB socket highlighted in red). Anyone else run into this issue?

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    That means that it is prob not seeing your hard drive attatched to the Wii or you have it connected to the wrong usb slot. it has to be the slot that is highlighted in red only. If it is connected to that slot then it prob does not reconise your hard drive..
    Check to make sure the drive is formatted in the correct way..

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    I notice you also posted this question in the fat32 thread. Please do not post in multiple threads about the same issue. Since the post in the fat32 thread has more info, this thread will be closed.


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