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Thread: Updating a softmodded Wii? Will Not connect to any channels...

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    Updating a softmodded Wii? Will Not connect to any channels...

    I'm not sure if it is the update, or not. The problem is I have softmodded the wii using mauifrogs setup (step-by-step) with no issues. The other day, the wife was trying to watch netflix on there, and it kept freezing up. So I thought to try and delete the channel and re-install it. Even before I deleted the netflix channel, it was having an issue connecting to it. I looked, and my router says (via the computer) that the Wii is hooked up to the Wi Fi network, but no matter what channel I go to (Wii shop, Netflix, Homebrew browser) it gives me an error (204038) and says try again later. I can go through the connection settings and get a successful connection test, but it wont connect to any channels. I then discovered that its running on 4.1u. Would updating to 4.3u help out, or what do I need to do. I assume that it needs to be updated anyways, but what about it not connecting to any channels? Like I said, I followed the guide with no problems. I'm still very new to this as well.

    Does anyone know why it will not connect to any channels, or will someone point me to how to update to 4.3e with a softmodded Wii?

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    Updating to 4.3 will not sort your problem out, the system menu that you are on is the best at present as 4.3 was released to kill homebrew which is why 4.1 is in the guide And is the most stable.

    If you are having this error displayed on the Wii console then it sounds like you will have to update your shopping channel to the lastest version. Or you could have damaged or corrupted system files on your pc.

    Take a look here for updating the shopping channel :-Update Wii Shop Channel to v20

    If it's your pc end of it use google with your error code to research more.

    Hope this helps.


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