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Thread: Wii Backup Manager Multiple Wii Games

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    Question Wii Backup Manager Multiple Wii Games

    Hey, Is it possible to move multiple Wii games on to the DVD. So that I can Play multiple games of of one dvd backup.?

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    I am pretty sure you can't do that.

    An ISO (what you are burning to DVD) is an image of a disc. It will take up the whole DVD and you will not be able to read the files within the ISO files that are wii games.

    To combine wii games onto a DVD, one would have to access the files within the ISO that is your wii game and copy them to a folder on their computer. They would then need to do this with another game and then have all the files within a folder. Then these files would be compiled into a single ISO image.

    And even doing that will most likely lead to failure.

    So, in short, no.

    Why don't you USB load instead?

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