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Thread: Backup-loader Problem's. (Second attemp)

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    Backup-loader Problem's. (Second attemp)

    Each time i'd like to start up a ***LEGAL*** backup-game from my USB drive using USB loader GX 2.3 , its simply reboot my wii... what should i do?

    Now i got USB Loader GX 2.3, i can see the games'n apps on my USB Drive(7.5 Go) and everything... The thing is when i try to start a game, All it does is rebooting my wii... i dont get it and i'd like too. Please anybody can you help me ? It would be EXTREMLY apreciate.

    If you need any further information please tell me what you need and how i can give you those. I'm a newfag in Wii's and ... well pretty much every technologique things.

    P.S: I've read the rule this time :x Very sorry for ... well the situation that happend, i shall not fail twice :x
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    What game is it?

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    Lookup the guide we have for that game on this site.

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    IIght so i followed the guide and everything is perfect now... Thx alot o.o i mean... that was all i needed to be happy =3


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