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Thread: Problem with... well i dont really know >.<

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    Problem with... well i dont really know >.<

    Hi, its been a wil lsicne i'd like to play The Legend of Zelda : Skyward sword

    I'm, perssonaly, a big fan of Zelda... But i can't really afford it, so i tryed to find a way to play it without having and original copy (I'l buy it one day anyway)

    So i downloaded the game .Iso file, Installed ALOT of cIOS(I dont get it... what is a cIOS? ) and plenty of apps for Homebrew chanel

    Now i got USB Loader GX 2.3, i can see the game on my USB drive and everything... The thing is when i try to start the game (Click on the CD ) All it does is rebooting my wii... i dont get it and i'd like too. Please anybody can you help me ? It would be very very apreciate.

    If you need any further information please tell me what you need and how i can give you those. I'm a newfag in Wii's and ... well pretty much every technologique things.


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    Pirates go home. CLosed.

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    WiiHacks does not support piracy. Read the forum rules.

    Thread Closed.

    EDIT: Dang senior mod type person beat me to


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