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Thread: Possible DOA new Wiikey Fusion Chip

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    Question Possible DOA new Wiikey Fusion Chip

    I've been reading the site for quite a bit now and while I'm impressed with the amount of info, I cannot find a reason why my new Fusion chip isn't working. Running 4.3u with a GC2-D2E chip.

    After spending 20+ hours testing this chip out, cannot get either the DVD or SD to work, would like to see if I can even get the gamecube channel up to update the fusion, here's what I've tried thus far.

    - New in box Wii with 3.1U installed, updated to 4.3U via Nintendo

    - Softmodded the system with letter bomb and made backup of NAND

    - Downloaded 1.5 update from wiikey site, validating SN as well

    - Installed Fusion, nothing, no lights on the chip, system boots as normal, DVD inop.

    - Checked dip switches, set switch 1 to off (Canada)

    - After reading the forums here and elsewhere, removed all softmodding from the system.

    - Next, two different LEDs will appear on the fusion chip, at random times, 90% of the time both red and blue are on, however depending on the power cycle, one or the other, or neither will light

    - Verified that the cables are correctly installed as well as the fusion chip.

    - Next tired three different SD cards all from various vendors, no luck.

    I see a lot of hate on the wiikey team, however I hard modded a wiikey 1 years back (that the ex took with), and don't recall it being this hard to diagnose issues with. However, I cannot find an online guide to tell me what the different LED indicators mean, any help is sincerely appreciated, thank you!!

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    2 days and 131 views, anyone with any assistance/questions or things for me to test I'm open to anything. Does anyone have any ideas if going back to a pre 4.1U version would help with this chip? I'm reading online that it doesn't matter however I have zero clue what to try next, thank you for the help!!

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