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Thread: Need help installing WiiFlow

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    Question Need help installing WiiFlow

    Okay, so I bought myself a Wii today. My brother has one, and I'd like to backup his games that he gave me so that they don't get scratched, load faster, etc.

    I modded it using an outside guide. (So to recap - I have bootmii, homebrew channel, and priiloader installed).

    Now, here's where I'm confused as all hell. I don't know what IOS I have (Or if I've even installed one?). I'm trying to install WiiFlow, and the instructions look like gibberish for a newbie at Wii modding.

    I looked at the modding basics, and I have a general idea of what IOS is (along with cIOS), but again, I don't know if I've installed one, which one I have, etc.

    Can anyone explain to me how to install WiiFlow easily? The other ones were pretty straightforward (download zip, extract to SD card, run.), that's what I'm looking for, if possible.

    If it's not, call me an idiot, and then point/tell me how to do it correctly.

    Thanks in advance for your time <3
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    We do not support other sites guides here, and please don't post links to them.

    I suggest you post an introduction thread in the Introduce yourself section. Then you will be greeted with a lot of info to help you understand how softmodding works. Also don't forget to read the rules.


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