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Thread: Smash Bros Brawl with hard drive BLACK SCREEN - USB Loader GX

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    Smash Bros Brawl with hard drive BLACK SCREEN - USB Loader GX

    Hi everyone,

    Bottom line is that I made a dump of my SSBB and then put it on my hdd and now it only shows wrist strap menu and now loading before going to a black screen.

    I have recently got into the idea of using a 2.0 drive (formatted to a NTFS/WBFS partition split) in order to run backups of my games. I want to do this as hard drive speeds are greater than discs. I tried one of my games (single layer), using wiidumper to dump them and it worked perfectly, (even though WBFS manager says its only 0.33MB when placed on hdd?). I further wanted to use brawl as the loading times on the original just weren't fast enough. The dump of it was successful and the end file on the hard drive was something like 6gbs. When attempting to run it with USB GX Loader, it shows the wrist strap menu, then goes to now loading and then to a BLACK SCREEN. Man, its unfortunate. I have looked up numerous tutorials, one stating install ios38, (which I did using both CIOS 249 and CIOS 222, which proved useless). Another said to use hermes CIOS 222 and 223 which both showed up successfully. I know the iso is fully functional because it works on dolphin (with lag from the emulator ofcourse). What am I doing wrong? Any feedback would be awesome and I would be very thankful!
    P.S. apologies if this is in the wrong forum.

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    Take a look at the Blackscreens & Freezes Causes & Solutions link in the spoiler below.

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    Hi, thanks for the reply!
    It turns out that at the time I ripped it, i didn't have cios 222 or 223 installed so I had to do a re-rip and all is well. It's worth the trouble for faster stage loading times!

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