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Thread: Question about BootMii and Prii/PreLoader combo

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    Question Question about BootMii and Prii/PreLoader combo

    My Wii's boot1 disallows a bootmii installation to boot2. So I installed bootmii as an IOS through HackMii.

    Would I be able to restore from brick state by launching bootmii from prii/preloader? (from what I read, it doesn't seem possible...but remains unclear to me)
    If not, is it possible to [softmod] patch boot1 to allow bootmii installation on boot2?

    SysMenu 4.2U
    Boot1(shows as ? in bootmii)
    Boot2 is v4
    PriiLoader v0.7(r138), which is a modified ver of PreLoader0.30
    BootMii v1.3 w/ mini v0.4

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    You can not change your Wii's boot2 compatibility.

    Priiloader is very useful in case of a brick. You will be able to recover from a a lot of bricks still.

    Just with bootmii installed as boot2 you can recover from almost any brick. Bootmii as an IOS is still useful to get a backup of your nand, in case you can not recover with Priiloader, you could get someone with a flasher to reflash your nand.

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    Thanks playerkp420, the force is strong with you!
    I do have a backup of my NAND via BootMii, so if all else fails I'll just get a chip to restore the dump. That clears thing up greatly, much appreciated.

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