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Thread: Dumping games to storage device

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    Dumping games to storage device

    I apologize if this has already been asked, I did search but couldn't find the answer I was looking for. I just finished all the installations on my Wii to play backups. The question I had is regarding the dump channel. I know it would probably be easier to dump via WiFi like I've read on certain sites, but my question is if I choose to dump to an SD card, does the size of the SD card matter? I read on a different web site that some guy uses a 1GB SD card for this. If I'm not mistaken, games are over 4GB, so how exactly does this work? Does it break it into pieces and require me to combine them after wards? If so, how do I do this?

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    2GB is the max size for the SD card slot. It's not SDHC capable, so you're capped.

    Wii games are 4.37GB, so in theory ... you'll need to clean off that SD card 3 times to get one game.

    I haven't done this myself, but I can only imagine that it breaks the game image up via .RAR-type archiving. One file, over several smaller.

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    It's saving each piece as RRBE.iso. I'm not sure how I would combine them as one, especially while they all have the same name. Any suggestions?

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    According to other sources you can use 8gig SDHC or even a Thumbdrive
    I don't know? I myself am trying the 2Gig Sd card right now It's been 4 hours and i'm only 55% done!

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    when you copy them across rename them to something that you'll remember like 1.iso, 2.iso, etc....
    that'll help you remember order of parts too.

    When you have all of the parts press Windows Key + R and type in CMD
    you should end up with a black screen with some writing.... The command Prompt.
    Type DIR and press enter and make sure your iso's are in the same directory as you are.
    then type COPY /B 1.iso + 2.iso + 3.iso complete.iso

    This will combine all the parts into a file called complete.iso and you can burn this....

    Got this from somewhere else
    Also scratch what I said about SDHC doesn't work but you can use usb drive but it is even slower than sd card!!
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    how did you get that far?!?!?! mine fails after i reinsert my sd and continue dumping it tells me failed to mount sd. any advise?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SU-71 View Post
    how did you get that far?!?!?! mine fails after i reinsert my sd and continue dumping it tells me failed to mount sd. any advise?
    Did you delete the image on the SD after you uploaded it to your PC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by christpuncher View Post
    Did you delete the image on the SD after you uploaded it to your PC?
    Yes i transfered the file ruue01.iso (animal crossing) from 1st part of the dump (125mb) because i was testing to see if it worked. After the transfer i reinserted it into the wii with the program still waiting to continue the dump from where it left off, that is when i get the error.
    For future references i am using a Cios DVD dumper developed by Wanininko or what ever his name is (sorry if i offended anyone)

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    your better off doing the wifi dump to your pc as it wil be one file and youll be able to burn that instead of having to put the 3files back together and make one iso.

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    I do not believe that I have that dumper or know how to use it.
    Is it possible that you could post a link or file?
    Sorry for sounding like a n00b.
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