I've just gotten MAME wii 1.0 (from wiibrew). I'm trying to get it so that either a)save states automatically when I leave a game, or b) manually save and load states. I'm trying to do this in order to keep my high scores. I've tested on frogger and donkey kong. So far no luck.

I've changed autosave in mame.ini to 1. When I do this, it says unable to find save state when I open a game. I've tried loading the name numerous time to see if it would save automatically when I leave, but it doesn't seem to load. I'm not exactly sure where to put the directory either. I've tried a few things, but nothing seems to change this problem.

I've also tried to manually save state. When I hit the save state button (I've assigned it to A), it asks me to which state I would like to use. From this point, I've tried hitting every button on my remote, and it doesn't seem to do anything. I have to hit + and - at the same time in order to cancel the save. There is something in the mame.ini called state. I've tried to put 1 or a few things in here with no luck.

I've searched for an answer, but I've been unable to find anything. I find that in certain versions (or all?), some games can't be save stated. Maybe these 2 games can't?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. If any more information is needed, let me know what you need to know. Thanks!