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Thread: Hello everyone, This newbie/tool needs your help.

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    Hello everyone, This newbie/tool needs your help.

    So my nieces birthday is today and she got a wii for christmas. She uses an old xbox to watch dvd's in her room. But the dvd door sticks and makes it a pain for her. For her birthday on top of gifts we got her I thought I learn how to make her wii play dvd's. So, before I found this awesome site I was watching endless vids on youtube trying to learn how to do this.

    My problem is that with mplayer ce on the wii it still doesn't load the movie. Doesn't even show the cache/buffer in the top left corner of the screen.

    I have done the following so far.

    Which I don't even understand what I have done lol.

    It is a blue wii with 4.3U on it.

    I have installed homebrew using Letterbomb.

    Installed hackmii as an ios.

    and I think mplayer has to be installed everytime for use.

    So when I load up mplayer, put a dvd in, click on play dvd, it takes me back to the previous screen.
    I have no idea, what I have done wrong.

    Thanks in advance and I goto work in a few hours so my responses to questions will be time gapped and I apologize for that.

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    Colored Wii's are too new to play DVDs. You can play avi files from a usb with wiimc or mplayer ce though.

    edit - and to get the wii fully softmodded, you should follow the softmod any wii guide. From what you said you have done so far you are not done softmodding. The link is in the spoiler below. The guide will give you much needed brick protection and the last chapter will give you some updated apps.


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