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Thread: broken drive.

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    broken drive.

    so i bought a wii with a broken drive. i have two wiis on that is softmodded (up to date) for the kids so the use the back ups and dont dammage the discs and i use to other wii. anyways trying to get skyward sword to work on the kids wii but it has never used the wii motion plus and it keeps kicking me back to the wii menu. and yes i do have the legit copy for my wii, wont let the kids touch it but they want to play on their wii. i am using the newes softmod and wiiflow all other games work except the wiimotion plus games is there anyway to fix this without opening and changing the drives? thanks in advance to the pros!!

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    Yes there is. Look at the Zelda guide HERE and follow the instructions in the spoiler "Is this your first motion plus game"

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    So like I said in my post THANKS!!! Worked like a charm!


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