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Thread: Performed official update after softmod, how do I recover

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    Performed official update after softmod, how do I recover

    I installed Neogamma R7 successfully last night (along with Homebrew and everything else as per a guide I found online). I couldn't get a backed up ver of Super Mario Bros work, so I read somewhere that I needed the latest OS. Since I'm a newb, I misread a guide telling me to do the official updates, so now my Bootmii and Neogamma both lead me to a blank screen, and I need to cold book my Wii to get it started past that point. I'm wondering how to recover my Bootmii so I can get back to trying to get my backups working. I look forward to reading any suggestions :-)

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    Don't use guides "you find online". Use our guides. If you had, you wouldn't be in this situation. You need to use the Softmod Any Wii guide in my signature. Follow it from beginning to end, as if you hadn't done anything.


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    I appreciate the quick reply, and following your detailed guide worked great for me. Thank you kindly :-)


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